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Sharon Mondragon, a dedicated mom of three, intimately understands the juggling act of managing work, family, and fitness. Having navigated the transformative journey of three pregnancies, she empathizes with the challenges of self-image. Sharon’s evolution fuels her passion as a personal trainer, where she seamlessly blends academic knowledge, her own life experiences, and a background in competitive bodybuilding. Her profound understanding of the postpartum body allows Sharon to guide clients toward strength, confidence, and a positive relationship with food.

 Drawing on classic resistance training with a focus on strategic muscle isolation, she sculpts and reshapes bodies. Sharon approaches nutrition with a macro perspective, emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness. As a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Barbell Rehab Method Certified (BRM), and Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE), Sharon brings a wealth of expertise to her sessions. Her journey as a Bikini Competitor with the National Physique Committee (NPC) underscores her commitment to excellence and showcases her ability to merge personal experience with professional knowledge. Sharon’s unwavering belief in the innate capabilities of the human body, regardless of age, forms the foundation of her training philosophy. Beyond achieving fitness goals, her ultimate aspiration for every client is to instill a profound love for their bodies.

  • Certifications and Experience: 

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Barbell Rehab Method Certification 

  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

  • National Physique Committee Bikini Competitor 


Phone: 704-677-9119


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