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Personal Trainer and Bodybuilding Posing Coach 

Welcome to the world of fitness and bodybuilding, where passion meets determination, and transformation becomes a way of life. Meet Kimberley Helm, an International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) Professional Athlete, and a seasoned professional in the fitness and health industry. Her journey is defined by the "Kimtastic" balance of unshakable determination and a relentless passion for improvement.

Kim believes in pushing beyond adversity, embracing both psychological and physical skills to foster adaptability and unwavering determination, whether on stage or in everyday life. Her mantra is clear: "No pressure, no change, no diamonds." This philosophy permeates every aspect of her work, from posing and stage presence instruction to personal training and client services.

As a leading international posing coach with over 20 years of experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Holding a certificate in sports nutrition, her credentials are backed by a track record of competition wins and an unwavering commitment to personal development.

Kim has had the pleasure of training a diverse range of individuals, from high school and college athletes seeking agility and strength to bodybuilding competitors aiming to perfect their size and stage presence. Her clientele also includes equally passionate individuals dedicated to enhancing lifelong health and stamina. Kim's approach is personalized and holistic, working closely with each client to discover their unique balance of health, wellness, fitness, passion, and performance.

In the world of Kimberley Helm, it's not just about fitness; it's about living a Kimtastic Life. Join her on a journey of transformation where every challenge becomes an opportunity, and every client becomes a testament to the power of dedication and resilience. Are you ready to embrace the Kimtastic lifestyle?

Certifications and Experience: 

  • Certified Personal Trainer 

  • IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder 

  • Certification in Sports Nutrition

  • Finisher with an Ironman Triathlon Relay Team 

Open Water Swimmer 


Instagram Phone: 980-406-1817


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