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Our Affiliated Personal Trainers offer Blue Ribbon Service, strive for Gold Medal Results, and will Champion for you every step of your fitness journey.  Each personal trainer draws upon years of experience, related education, and training certifications in the designing and implementation of your customized personal training plan to assist you in reaching your personal best in your health, wellness, and performance. 


Our Affiliated Personal Trainers utilize the most up to date technology, innovation, and proven methods of the fitness industry when working with each client. 


Each trainer is passionate about making the investment of time and energy in each client’s success.  Our Affiliated Personal Trainers are insured and trained in first aid and CPR to ensure the health and safety of our client community. 

Your initial consultation with Our Affiliated Personal Trainers includes a free contactless and safe 3D body scan with our Fit3D. 


The Fit3D provides personalized full body circumference measurements for accurate body fat, lean mass, and posture reporting that can be easily recorded and tracked through the Fit3D app. The Fit3D scans are free for our personal training clients.   To learn more about our Fit3D scan click here.

Our Affiliated Personal Trainers will make your personal fitness training challenging and fun based on initial fitness testing, health screening and your insight to goals for your health, wellness, fitness, and performance.

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Kimberley Helm is an International Federation of Body Buildin (IFBB) Professional  Athlete and a seasoned professional in the fitness, wellness...

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What does being “fit” mean to YOU? This question is the main driving factor when it comes to personal and group training with Quick’s Fitness. All too often...

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