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Kimberley Helm is an International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) Professional Athlete and a seasoned professional in the fitness and health industry, known for her "Kimtastic" balance of unshakable determination and passion for improvement.

“You must push yourself beyond adversity, embracing the psychological and physical skills to be more adaptive and determined, on stage and off.  No pressure, no change, no diamonds." Kim applies this philosophy to her posing and stage presence instruction, personal training, and client services.  

Kim is a leading international posing coach with over 20 years in the bodybuilding and fitness industry and holding a certificate in sports nutrition, backed by competition wins and loyalty to personal development.  She has had the pleasure of training high school and college athletes for agility and strength, bodybuilding competitors for size and stage presence, and equally passionate individuals dedicated to simply increasing lifelong health and stamina. Kim will work with each client to find their balance of health, wellness, fitness, passion, and performance so they can live their own Kimtastic Life.  


Certifications and Experience: 

IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder 

Certification in Sports Nutrition 


Call : 980-406-1817

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