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Non-invasive 3Dimensional Body Scanning Technology

Captures a Full Avatar of Your Body

Infrared Depth images of body circumference and full body surface area

Records Body Circumference Measurements, and Body Mass

Correlated to the Dexa Technology, the Gold Standard of Body Composition Testing 

Our affiliated personal Fitness Studio employ the latest innovative technology in all aspects of their services to program, plan, and track your personalized fitness and performance workouts. 


We offer the most up to date exercise equipment and we start each client out with Fit3d body scan assessment.  The Fit3D captures a complete body scan in 3d imaging.  
The 3d scanning technology also provides a complete body assessment for measurements and comparisons, body composition, posture analysis, and wellness metrics to establish a baseline for each of our clients with scheduled follow up assessments to track your progress and success. 

Our affiliated personal trainers incorporate this scientific and industry-backed information into your personalized fitness and wellness journey. 
Both personal trainer and client will have access to the Fit3d results for comparison and tracking through the Fit3d Smart Hub and app for your personal device so you can follow your success and share with your family and friends.  

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